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How we got here

Students, Nick Brown and David Rinker, from the University of Central Florida (UCF) have created a new product that vaporizes the competition in the e-cig accessory market.

Brown and Rinker came up with the juujuubox to allow people to hold everything in the palm of their hand. “It’s the modern-day care package,” explains Rinker.

“We started following the popular e-cig brand JUUL when it initially emerged. We watched it spread like a wild fire. Everyone loves its efficiency but we started to notice a problem. People complained of losing their popular device, or running out of flavor. So we began thinking of a solution. It was when we visited Manhattan that we realized the true evolution of the juujuubox. Business professionals were racing down the street, arms full, but still managing to cling onto their phones. So why not combine everything and make the ultimate device for such an interactive world....”